Protect Our Oaks

Understanding and forecasting causes and consequences. Management for future climates

Work Package One

Acute oak decline


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Work package 1 is analysing acute oak decline to determine if there are any pre-disposing factors affecting health. It is assessing the soil and associated microbes around tree roots to determine if there is any correlation to tree health. Tree health indicators are also being identified. Together, these factors will enable the development of indicators of vulnerability.

We will produce the following:

  1. Produce soil profiles of diseased and healthy trees
  2. Identify the microbiome profiles of soil and leaves of diseased and healthy trees
  3. Identify markers for diseased trees
  4. Develop indicators of vulnerability


The team

Prof Rob Jackson from the University of Reading leads this work package and Dr Mateo San Jose Garcia is the postdoctoral researcher carrying out the experimental work. Different experts are involved with different parts of the work package objectives: Dr Liz Shaw (University of Reading) is responsible for soil analysis; Dr Karsten Schönrogge, Dr Melanie Gibbs and Dr Anna Oliver (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) are responsible for microbiome analysis of soils and trees; Dr Gail Preston (University of Oxford) is responsible for metabolomics analysis of tree disease lesions; Dr Duncan Ray and Dr Alice Broome (Forest Research) are responsible for field site survey experimental design and modelling.